Merchant Fees

No upfront fee, pay as you go e-commerce for take aways, fitness classes, greengrocers, butchers and all your local community merchants. Learn more about us and our fees below.

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in being a Magaroo Merchant!

With Magaroo you can sell your goods and services online and offer the convenience that modern consumers demand. You can compete online at a fraction of the price and hassle of running your own bespoke ecommerce system. You can benefit from our simple and effective e-business tools and be part of a thriving online virtual high street.

Meet some of the merchants we have helped since 2020.

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Learn more about our fees below.

Magaroo Is Free to Join

Create an account today to start setting up your business. Once your account is created you can add your business and start using our simple merchant tools. You can easily add your brand imagery and setup payment processing with a connected Stripe account.

For the sale of goods, you can effortlessly define delivery and/or click and collect slot schedules. For each scheduled slot you can specify times, locations and limit the order capacity. Multiple fulfilment locations are particularly useful for mobile businesses.

For service bookings, you can use our wizards to quickly specify a series of repeating services with location, capacity and booking constraints. Running a class with a different location each weekday? No problem!

You will only incur fees if you complete online orders through us or require access to premium features.

Payment Processing Fees

When a customer places an online order for goods or services via Magaroo we use Stripe to process the customer's payment to you, the merchant. Stripe will charge you, the merchant, a fee for processing this payment. You can learn more about Stripe fees here. As of November 1st 2023 this fee is 1.5% plus 20p for 'Standard UK Cards' as defined by Stripe. This fee is set by Stripe and may change from time to time.

Our Fees

In addition to the fee charged to you by Stripe when an online order is placed, Magaroo charges a fee for the provision of its service to you. We also charge a monthly fee for the provision of certain Magaroo premium features.

Monthly fee for base services Free
Monthly fee for premium services £35
Online order fee for magaroo services 2.5% of the order value

Premium Services

Our premium services offer a point-of-sale feature that allows merchants to take physical in-store orders. Orders taken in this way can be allotted to the fulfillment schedules that you have already defined. In this way your physical and online orders and the demand on your businesses' resources can be managed in a unified way. Our point-of-sale feature can also be linked to point-of-sale thermal printers to generate receipts and tickets for kitchens and other busy workflow environments. Our point-of-sale feature does not process payments allowing you to take cash payment or use a third party physical payment provider of your choosing.

The Fine Print

All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT. You can learn more about our fees in our terms and conditions for sellers.