Seller Update 25th November 2021

Get Ready For The Holidays


With Thanksgiving taking place in the USA today, black Friday tomorrow and cyber Monday next week there is no doubt that the holiday shopping season is upon us.

This year we hear lots about possible shortages at bigger retailers. Customers will be looking to start their holiday shopping early so you should increase the Maximum Days Notice for your collection and delivery settings to 31 days or more. 

This will allow your customers to plan their shopping in advance and you to get an accurate picture of demand into the holiday period. You can bet the supermarkets and Amazons of the world will be allowing this so why miss out? Act now and compete! To learn how to do this read to the bottom of this email.

If you would like help we can certainly do this for you. Drop us a line at

We will be promoting all of our sellers that offer holiday dates from next week so don't miss out!!


Maximum Days Notice

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You can find the Maximum Days Notice in your collection and delivery settings. The larger this number the further into the future your customers can place orders.

You can get to your collection or delivery settings by clicking on them from your seller tools as shown in this screenshot.

seller tools screenshot

Updating Maximum Days Notice

Clicking on collection or delivery settings will bring the settings up. Then you can edit the Maximum Days Notice. For example, after clicking on collection settings in your seller tools you will see this screenshot. You can then edit the Maximum Days Notice for Collection Settings by clicking on the edit button

collection settings screenshot