Seller Update june 25th 2021

Major Update

We are super excited to announce we will be deploying a major update to Magaroo over the evening of Sunday June 27th.

This will be one of our biggest updates so far and will feature improvements to our seller tools that will include:

  • Real-time order and payment notifications.
  • Real-time order management via the Today's Orders page.
  • Point Of Sale (POS) ticket printing.
  • Bulk pre-order processing.
  • Bulk order POS ticket printing.

In addition, and in response to customer feedback, we will be updating our shopfronts. We will be...

  • Allowing more space for product names.
  • Improving the performance of product filtering and searching.

You can read more about our new seller features below. Help files on the new features are already being added on Magaroo too. The new features themselves will be live from Monday morning. 

We will be online and ready to help early Monday. Should you encounter any issues please email us at

Some of our new features such as POS printing require some setup in your stores. However the features will work with commonly available or existing equipment. Again, if you are interested in getting help setting up these features, reach out to

Read on for more detailed descriptions of our new features!

Happy Selling!

Team Magaroo

Never Miss An Order

Real-time notifications are here!

For those sellers that offer same day ordering, you can now receive a real-time order notification via Magaroo, as the customer places the order.

Direct from that notification you can choose to preview the order, accept it and take payment, or reject it. Super fast and slick! If you are a takeaway you are going to love it!

Not only that, our new Today's Orders view updates in real time as you accept orders. It will allow you to accept and print orders orders in a streamlined way.

Checkout our new YouTube video demonstrating real-time order notification and acceptance, as well a glimpse of the new Today's Orders view. If you have POS printing set up you even get a ticket!

some magaroo mackerel


Getting into the flow!

As you know, we have always offered traditional order and invoice printing. Now you can print Point Of Sale tickets too.

Introducing Magaroo Cloud Print! Magaroo Cloud Print is a brand new program from Magaroo that you can download from us. Install it on a computer on your network and BOOM, Magaroo will be able to print to your local POS printer.

Reap the benefits of super fast thermally printed tickets and seamless integration into your ticket based workflow. DONE!

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Bulk Processing

Saving you time!

Many of you will have busier times of the week when you know you will be fulfilling orders en-masse. In cases such as these the more traditional Magaroo, pack and take payment, order by order, for a large number of pre-orders can be time consuming. With our new bulk processing tools you can make significant time savings.

You can now select multiple orders to finalise and take payment all at once.  You can also print multiple order tickets direct to your POS printer ready for integration into your paper based workflows.

Visit the Tools menu on your Order manager to start using these features.

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And Finally...

Want to get a head start?

We have already started adding help files documenting the new features. Visit the Magaroo Knowledge Base to get started.