Seller Tools

Welcome to your Seller Tools page!

This is where you set up your store and then run it on an ongoing basis. You will always have access to these tools and can edit and update as you wish. We have tried to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible. 


When adding your store on Magaroo, the top red box gives you a checklist of what you need to do in order to open for business on Magaroo. As you complete each item they will be removed from this box and ticked in the relevant section below. 

Once you have completed the set up process, then the two most commonly used functions on this page are  products & services and manage orders


SHOP front settings

enable/disable shop front - ensure your shop front is enabled so it is visible on Magaroo

enable anon checkout - allow customers to checkout anonymously/guest checkout without a registered Magaroo account

preview shop front - preview your shop front


shop thumbnail image - insert an image that will be displayed on your Magaroo shop front. Browse Magaroo here to see what existing Magaroo merchants use

shop banner image - insert a 1200wide x 150high px image/graphic to display on your Magaroo shop front

email banner image - insert a 600wide x 200high px image/graphic to display on your Magaroo emails

payment processing - connect a Stripe account for payment processing

business day settings - set your business days here

location settings - manage your locations settings here

collection settings - set up your collection slots and schedule here

delivery settings - if your business offers delivery, set up your delivery slots and schedule here

Products & SERVICES

Clicking on  products & services takes you to your product manager. From here you can upload a list of products and make any changes that you need on an ongoing basis.

manage promotions - manage your promotions here

Manage Orders

Clicking on  manage orders takes you to your 'Orders' page. From here you can manage and process any orders that you have received through Magaroo. We would recommend that you check this on a daily basis. If you have any outstanding orders they will show as 'pending orders'.

todays orders - find todays orders here


file manager - find all media and files you have uploaded to Magaroo here

analysis - analyze your sales and customer data

employee manager - add, remove and manage which of your employees has access to your businesses Magaroo shop front

manage pos printing - if you take advantage of our premium service, manage point-of-sale printing here

magaroo invoices - find your monthly invoices from Magaroo here