Real Time Order Notifications


When you are logged into Magaroo as a seller you will receive pop-up order notifications in real-time. That is, when a customer perfoms an action on your store we will notify you via a popup message in real-time. We currently send you pop-notifications when...

When a notification is displayed we also attempt to play an audio alert. Web browsers can often mute this sound. For more information on enabling audio alerts for Magaroo in your web browser please visit

Same Day Order Notification

When a customer places an order for the same day you will be notified via a popup alert if you are logged in to Magaroo. An example of the alert is shown in Figure 1.  You can see you can take 4 actions from the notification.

When you accept or reject and order you are sked to quickly confirm that action to help minimise unintended actions. When you accept the order payment is attempted and the result of that process is displayed as shown in Figure 3. After this you can dismiss the notification. If a payment does fail the customer is alerted and asked to log into Magaroo to settle the payment.

Similarly when you reject an email an information message is displayed and you can dismiss the notification.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3


When a customer settles a payment attempt that has failed you will receive a real-time notification as shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4