Managing POS Print Servers


When you add a store to Magaroo we setup a default POS (point-of-sale) Print Server for you. A print server is a means by which Magaroo can send printing commands from our web servers to the POS printers in your business.

From the Manage POS Print Servers page you can get the access token that is required by our Magaroo Cloud Print software. Magaroo Cloud Print is a program that must be running on a Microsoft Windows PC on your local network for Magaroo to be able to communicate with your POS printer,

You can download the setup program for Magaroo Cloud Print from the Manage Print Servers page or from here. For more information on installing Magaroo Cloud Print please visit the following knowledge base articles.


POS Print Servers List

At the bottom of Manage POS Print Servers page you will see a list of print servers. Currently we only offer the option for a single default print server for each seller but in future we may allow multiple servers. 

As you read from left to right for the Default Print Server you will see