Pack Order

This is the first step of the pick and pack process for an order. At the top of this page are two comment boxes which will be shown depending on whether 1) the customer has opted to not receive substitute products and/or 2) has inputted with their order any additional comments. 

Substitute Orders

If a customer has specified that they do not want to receive substitute orders for any item that is out of stock, then it will appear here in red

Customer Comments

At check out a customer has an option to make any additional comments e.g. specifying a particular number of items that are sold by weight etc. The additional comments are also shown again just above the order product listings. 

Order Information

Immediately below the comments boxes- or if there are no comments- at the top of the page, will be a summary of the order details and the customer details. 

Substitute Products

If a customer has marked that they are willing to accept substitute products, then if you click on the “select an optional substitute” box and start typing it will offer you a range of substitutes. Select the item that you wish to substitute and it will automatically then show you the substitute price. Beacuse the range of products that you stock might be large we only show a small subset of products in the dropdown box filtered by what you have typed. If you don't see the substitute item you are looking for continue typing its name to narrow the search further.

Dispatched Quantity

When you pack your order, you need to fill in the dispatched quantity- number of items or exact weight. You should endeavour to dispatch a weight as close to the ordered amount as possible. However this will rarely be exact. In which case you input into the “dispatched quantity” field the exact weight or number of items. Once you have done that and then click out of the box, it automatically recalculates the “Actual Cost” which will be charged to the customer for that item, and then at the bottom of the column in bold, the total actual cost.  If you are unable to dispatch an item and the customer has requested no substitute you can enter zero in the dispatch quantity to remove this item from the order cost.

When you have completed packing the order click on the button at the bottom of the screen. 

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