Order Payment

This is the first step in the payment process for an order where you can attempt to take payment for the order. If you are happy with all of the information simply click on the button on the top right of the screen.

Payment will be attempted from the card the customer specified at checkout. We use Stripe to process this transaction. The funds will be transferred directly from the customer to your Stripe account, less our platform fee and the Stripe processing fee.

The customer will automatically receive an email from us letting them know that payment has been successfully taken. They may also receive a confirmatory email from Stripe on your behalf depending on your Stripe account settings. If payment is successful the order will be marked as completed and will no longer show under your pending orders.

In the rare event that payment fails, you will be notified. At the same time the customer will receive an email alerting them to a payment failure and asking them to log back in to Magaroo to pay their outstanding bill. An order with a failed payment will show in red in your pending orders. When the customer settles their outstanding balance the order will be automatically marked as completed. 

Any questions please contact us at team@magaroo.com

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