Order Manager

This is where you process your orders received through Magaroo. 

the Tools Menu

You can access additional order management features from the tools dropdown menu on the upper right side of the order manager.


Today's Order

Clicking today's orders displays all orders for today along with their status. If you receive a new order for today this screen will update in real time.


If you would like an email notification every time you receive an order through Magaroo then click on notifications are off icon on the top of the screen. It will change to show   notifications are on . Each time you click on this icon you toggle your email notifications on/off.


Bulk Print Tickets

Clicking   bulk print tickets allows you to print multiple POS (point-of sale) order tickets for a particular date range. POS printing requires your print server and printer to be correctly configured on Magaroo. Magaroo Cloud Print software must also to be downloaded, installed and connected via a Microsoft Windows PC on the same network as your POS printer.

Bulk Process Orders

Clicking   bulk process orders allows you to complete the pack and payment process for multiple orders, This is useful if you have a large number of pre-orders that you know you will complete.


Download Completed Orders

Clicking download x completed orders icon allows you to download a file of your filtered completed orders. The number of orders (x) you can download will be the number of completed orders corresponding to your selected filter criteria. The download file contains useful information regarding orders including Magaroo fees, payment processing fees, and tax information that can be uploaded to your accounting system.

Filtering Orders

If you want to search for specific orders between certain dates, or by customer email then you can use the search function just above the order list. The orders available for download will also be filtered by the criteria you enter.

The Pending orders Tab

You will see on this page all of your pending orders, ranked in order of the slot date and time. It shows the slot that has been chosen by the customer for the order. It also shows the slot type. That is, collection or delivery depending on what you offer. Other information shown includes the customer details, the order number, the estimated cost, the initials of the Packer and the final cost determined after packing is completed.

The Packer is the person that started the pack process for an order on Magaroo. For example if a seller employee named John Smith was logged into Magaroo and started packing an order then Packer would show JS.

The status of the order is also shown. Depending on an order's status different actions are available to a seller.


If An Order Can Be Cancelled or Edited By The Customer

Depending on your cancellation settings a customer will be able to cancel or edit their order up to a particular date and time. Prior to then the order staus will be 'awaiting packing'. At this time you will be able to print a POS ticket for the order, preview the order or cancel the order.

Cancelling an order should be a last resort and only taken after consultation with your customer and subject to our Terms and Conditions .

If An Order Can No Longer Be Cancelled or Edited By The Customer

If an order has passed the latest time when a customer could cancel or edit the order via Magaroo then you will be able to print an order POS ticket, start to pack the order, or the cancel order.

By pack the order we mean start the packing process within Magaroo that leads to finalizing what you will deliver or make available for click and collect. In reality this may not mean you physically pack the order at the same time. If you have not yet completed the Magaroo pack process the order status will still be "awaiting packing". If the pack process has been started by you or another seller employee or admin then the initial of the user that started the pack process will be shown in the Packer column. As part of the pack process you will finalize the order. At this time you are able to take payment from the customers chosen payment method. It is possible to finalize the packing process but choose not to take payment and instead return to the order manager. In this case your order status will show as 'payment required' and you will have the option to re-pack the order or take payment using the pay option.

If you have finished the pack process for an order and attempted to take payment then the actions available to you will be different depending on the outcome of the payment. We take steps to ensure payment methods that are used by customers should be ready to use. However, in rare cases payment can fail for example due to insufficient funds.

If a payment has succeeded for an order its status will change to 'completed'  and the order will no longer be visible on the Pending orders tab but will be shown on the Completed orders tab. 

If a payment fails for an order the order's status will be marked as 'payment failed' on the order manger and will remain in the pending orders tab. The order will also highlighted in red. When a payment failure occurs the customer is automatically emailed and asked to log in to Magaroo to make the payment.

  You will receive an email notification when a customer settles failed payment. If you are logged in to Magaroo you will also receive a real-time alert.

For an order with a failed payment you also have the option to mark the order as complete. This will manually mark the order as completed and paid. You may wish to do this if the customer has paid you in person, for example, when collecting their order.

Alternatively, if you were unable to resolve payment you can cancel the order.

The Completed Orders Tab

If you click on the 'Completed' tab you will see you all of your completed orders (subject to any filters) with similar details to the above. You are still able to print a POS order for the order, view the order detail or the order invoice.

The Cancelled Orders Tab

Clicking on the 'Cancelled' tab it takes you to all ofyour cancelled orders, subject to any filter criteria that you have specified. You are still able to print a POS order for the order and view the order detail.

Any questions please contact us at team@magaroo.com

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