Installing Magaroo Cloud Print

To print point-of sale tickets directly from Magaroo, download and install Magaroo Cloud Print. Magaroo Cloud Print must be installed on a Windows computer on the same network as your point-of-sale printer. The network must have access to the internet. You can download Magaroo Cloud Print from here. After your download has completed double click on the file to run the installer program.

When the installer runs you may receive a Windows warning as shown in Screenshot 1. Click on the more info link circled in Screenshot 1 and the screen shown in Screenshot 2 will be displayed. Click on the Run Anyway button that is circled in Screenshot 2. After clicking the Run Anyway button follow the instructions on the screen. You may be asked "Do you want to allow this app from an unkown publisher to make changes to your device?" as shown in Screenshot 3. Click the circled yes button as shown in Screenshot 3 and follow the further instructions to complete the setup. Once the installation completes you will see a shortcut to the Magaroo Print Server on your desktop and in the Start Menu. Click on either to launch the program.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3