Connecting Magaroo Cloud Print

After downloading and installing Magaroo Cloud Print you can connect it to your Magaroo store using the access token on your print server settings page. You can see an access token circled in Screenshot 1.

For your security you can refresh the access token whenever you wish by clicking the button. Refreshing an access token causes any instance of Magaroo Cloud Print using an older token to disconnect. You can reconnect an instance using the latest access token.

For your convenience clicking the button copies the access token to the clipboard so you can easily paste it into Magaroo Cloud Print.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


When you run Magaroo Cloud Print  for the first time you will be prompted for the access code. Alternatively when you  click on the connect menu item in the upper left hand corner of the program window you will be prompted to enter an access code. See Screenshots 2 thru 4 that demonstrate connecting Magaroo Cloud Print using your access token.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


You have now successfully configured Magaroo Cloud Print and Magaroo can now communicate with your network. The next step is to configure your printer on Magaroo.