Edit Printer


You can edit the settings for a POS (point-of-sale) printer on your local network so that Magaroo knows how to print to it. You can get context based help by clicking wherever you see the symbol


This is the IP address of the POS printer on the network where you are running Magaroo Cloud Print.

Font A width / FONT B Width

These are both optional settingss. When you print a test ticket you may notice a mis-alignment of text with some lines overflowing inelegantly. Most POS printers have two standard fonts, Font A is the larger. Font B is the smaller. If you notice mis-alignment of text you can use the Width Test Card at the top of the test ticket to determine the optimum settings for Font A Width and Font B Width.

In Image 1 you can see that the rulers, customer comments and order items are all breaking across lines in an ineffcient and inelegant fashion. To rectify this we must see how many characters across the printer can print when printing in Font A or Font B. If we examine the Width test Card Image 2 that is from the same test ticket we can count that the printer displays 42 characters when printing in Font A and 56 characters when printing in Font B. By entering thse values in the printer settings we can fix these printing issues. After setting Font A Width to 42 characters and Font B Width to 56 characters and re-printing a test ticket the alignment issues are fixed. this is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 1

Mis-aligned Test Ticket

Figure 2

Width Test Card

Figure 3

Aligned Test Ticket