Delivery Settings

This is where you set up how you want to accept orders for delivery. There are three sections to complete, General Settings, Slot Schedule, and Minimum Order Amounts

Turn delivery ON AND OFF

Clicking on the  button switches on your delivery settings. If you do not wish to offer a delivery service then do not enable it by clicking on this button.

You can at any stage disable your delivery service by pressing the button. 

General Settings

Within the General Setting you can specify Cut Off Time, Minimum Minutes Notice, Minimum Days Notice, Maximum Days Notice, Cancellation Notice and, Delivery Radius. Each of the Minimum Notice, Maximum Notice and Cancellation Notice is specified in Business Days. 

To edit your General Settings click on the button. You can get contextual help on any of the settings by clicking wherever you see the icon.



The Cut Off Time is the time after which any order will be treated as having been placed on the next Business Day. We have set the default at 23.59.59 so just before midnight. 

minimum minutes notice

This function is primarily for live ordering for a take away business with multiple delivery slots, when the minimum days notice is set to zero. Here you set the mimimum number of minutes notice for delivery. No delivery slots less than this mimimum number of minutes away will be offered to the customer at check out. 

Minimum days Notice

Next up is your ‘Minimum Notice'. This is where you set the minimum number of Business Days notice that you need in order to prepare your goods for delivery.

For example, let us assume that you have set your cut off time as 12 noon, and you have slots available every day of the week. If you set your minimum notice to 1 Business Day, then when an order is received before 12 noon on a Monday,  the next available slot that you have set will be offered - with the earliest being the following business day, Tuesday. When an order is received after 12 noon on Monday it is treated as being received the next business day- so Tuesday. Therefore the next slot being offered will be Wednesday.

If you have great last minute flexibility in your business, then you can set the cut off time at 23.59.59 so just before midnight and a minimum notice of 1 day. That means that any order placed on say Monday will be offered a first slot on Tuesday.  

If you are a take away or restaurant business that wants to offer live ordering with multiple slots throughout the day, then set minimum notice period to 0 days and the cut off time at 23.59.59.  Customers will be offered live slots throughout service, with each slot becoming unavailable as it's start time is passed, subject to the minimum minutes notice setting. 

Maximum days Notice

Maximum Notice is where you set the maximum number of Business Days in advance that a customer can arrange an order for delivery.  For example if you set Maximum Notice to 14 Business Days then customers will be able to order a delivery up to 14 days ahead.

Cancellation Hours

Your Cancellation Notice is specified in Business Hours. Once an order has passed this notice period, the order cannot be cancelled by the customer and you can take payment. The greater your Cancellation Notice Hours is the more time you will have to prepare and pack the order and the sooner you will be able to take payment. 


Finally you need to set your delivery radius in miles- this is how far from your business you are happy to deliver. When anyone registers to use Magaroo, they have to submit their postcode. Our platform combines that data with your address and delivery radius, so that delivery is only then offered as an option to buyers within your radius. 

Once you have completed your General Settings click the button to store any changes you have made. 

Slot Schedule

You have total flexibility in setting up your slot schedule. We have set as a default the slot schedule shown. All of these slots can be edited, adjusted or removed whenever you want, to allow for days or even parts of the day when you are closed. 

Getting Started

To remove a slot simply click on the icon. This will then take you to a confirmation page where you confirm that you want to delete the slot. 

To adjust or edit an existing slot click on the  icon. You can change the Day Of The Week, the Start Time, the End Time or the Capacity of the slot. The slot Capacity is the number of orders that you are happy to process in that slot. Once that capacity has been reached, any customer placing an order will not be offered that slot and will instead be offered the next nearest available slot. 

You can set your delivery slots as wide or narrow as your business allows. If you deliver throughout the day from 9am- 5pm but cannot guarantee a time- then that is your delivery slot. If you only deliver mornings likewise. You can also set delivery for only certain days and times of day. 

Add a new slot

To add a new slot click on add new slot at the top of the slot schedule section. Simply choose your Day of Week from the drop down menu. To set the Start Time or End Time you can either use the up and down arrows or click on the number itself and then select both the hours and minutes that you want to use. 

Finally you have the ability to set the slot Capacity - namely the number of orders that you are happy to process in that slot. Once that capacity has been reached, any customer placing an order will not be offered that slot and will instead be offered the next nearest available slot. 

When you are finished click the button.

Adding Multiple Slots

Click on slot creation wizard to create multiple slots using our wizard. Using this tool you can add to or replace your existing slot schedule.

Minimum order amounts

Here you set the Minimum Order Amounts that you are willing to accept. Until a customer exceeds that amount with their order , they will be unable to check out their basket. We have started you with our default settings of a minimum of £5 per order. If you want to change this simply click on the icon and set your required minimum order amount. Alternatively click add to enter your own Minimum Order Amount, select the default currency of GBP and set your minimum amount. When you have finished click the button.

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