Bulk Process Orders

Some businesses may receive multiple pre-orders that they will fulfil completely.

For example, a takeaway business may have received multiple orders ahead of a Friday evening service that they will be completing.

In these cases it is useful for the seller to be able to complete the pack, confirm and take payment processes for multiple orders all at one time. The Bulk Order Process page allows a seller to easily do this.




Processing Orders

Clicking the button will start processing all the selected orders. Each order will be marked packed and payment will be sought. The status for each order will be updated showing if payment has been successful or not.


Payment Status

If a payment succeeds, the customer is informed payment has been taken via email and the order is marked complete. The order will be listed under completed orders on your Order Manager.

If a payment fails, e.g. due to insufficient funds, the customer is informed via email and asked to login in to Magaroo to complete the payment. These orders will remain in your pending orders and be flagged until payment is completed by the customer or you manually mark the order complete in your manage orders seller tool