Audio Alerts


Magaroo can play an audio alert when you receive a real-tim notification. However, some web browsers will automatically mute this alert unless you explicitly allow the Magaroo web site to play sounds. This article will help you configure your browser to allow Magaroo to play alert sounds.

Google Chrome Browser

To access the chrome site settings for Magaroo click on the padlock in the left of the address bar as shown in Figure 1. A dropdown box will appear as shown in Figure 2. Click on site settings. A new tab or window will appear with the site settings for Magaroo. Scroll down until you see the Sound option and select allow as shown in Figure 3. You will be prompted to reload the Magaroo web site in order to reflect the new browser settings for sound as shown in Figure 4.


This section was updated June 25th 2021.


Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4