Advanced Business Day Settings

The settings that you make here work in conjunction with your Collection and Delivery Settings. It is the combination of the two that works out when you are happy to accept orders and how quickly you choose to process them (that is the available collection or delivery slots). In the steps that follow this one, you get to set your collection and delivery slots. Effectively when you are open for business. 


A weekly business day is defined by us as a day of the week in which your business is willing to accept online orders via Magaroo.

Broadly speaking , the majority of businesses set every day of the week as a business day - or as a day when they are open to accept an order online. For this reason we set every day of the week as a business day for you by default. For example, if you process orders on the day of dispatch, then you can keep all days of the week as active business days and simply specify the available collection and delivery slots via your collection and delivery settings. 

An exception to the above is if you do not process online orders on the day of dispatch, i.e you process on the previous day, and there is a certain day of the week when you are closed. For example, perhaps you process online orders the day before they are dispatched. In this case if your store is closed every Sunday, you will process online orders for Monday on Saturday. Similarly, orders placed after the cut off time on a Saturday will only be available for collection or delivery from Tuesday, because they will be packed on a Monday.  If this is the case you should deselect Sunday as a business day and we will adjust the available collection and delivery slots for you accordingly.