Add Your Store

Welcome to the seller registration process- which should only take a few minutes.  Throughout the process you can get help by clicking whenever you see the icon.

We need the information fields shown in order to run some basic due diligence and to approve your business and add it to the Magaroo platform. A couple of points to note.


The full ‘My Store Description” will be available to buyers by clicking on the “More Info” button on your page. Immediately above your thumbnail image- which appears in the Magaroo high street-  the first few words of your description will always be visible. It is therefore important that you choose these first words carefully such as “Fresh local meat” or “Great pizza and pasta”. They need to immediately tell people what you are selling before  they click through. Customers will also be able to search for seller names and descriptions. For this reason your description should include the type of business you are operating, especially if this is not in your business name. For example, butcher or greengrocer.

seller type

Please select the type of business that describes what you do from the drop down menu, or select 'other'. 

Seller Administrative Contact

This is where you permission whoever is going to be responsible for setting up and running the system. You have two levels of access. The primary person is the administrator. That is the only person who will have access to the full suite of tools and be able to make changes to your site. However , you can also sign  up additional employees who will be able to access those parts of the site that are necessary to fulfill orders. 

Seller corporate information

This is where you fill in your corporate information. If you are a limited company then please fill in your Companies House number and VAT ID number here.

If you are a sole trader and are not VAT registered- that is fine as well. Please just select 'sole trader' from the 'Corporate Type' drop down menu, and leave the VAT ID blank. 



Any questions please contact us at

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